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employment time

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When I came to my current company 8 months ago or so, my boss looked very favorably on the fact I had been with one company since I got out of college and had stayed there 4.5 years. He said he threw lots of resumes away based just on the fact they looked like they shopped around for a bigger paycheck. He also liked the fact that I was local.
Since it costs a lot to train even a seasoned, experienced PE to the company's way of doing things, as well as the clients, I think everyone likes it when an employee is dedicated and stays put for a while. But on the other hand, depending on the type of company you stay with a while, this could limit your range of experience. Or you could be fortunate like I have and work for a company with a wide range of clients, project types, and building systems.
Can I also somewhat off topic reccomend when searching for a new job look at who is working for that company, and what their experiences are. If you are at the beginning of your career like me, that was one of the most important aspects I wanted for mentorship purposes. I figured I could really only become as good as the people around and over me (even as great as this list has been for my education and development). And a good drafting dept can make your life so much easier!
Andrew Kester, PE
Longwood, FL