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Re: Curtainwall design fees

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If it is a fairly simple light gage stud system with typical details, it could conceivably be  done for the equivalent of 1-2 days of engineering work, priced accordingly.  That would be based upon typical manufactured connection details and fairly convenient stud layouts and sizes.

I've also seen plenty of jobs go way over that because the structure wasn't well thought out for connection of the facade.  Unique connections, large spans, big time headers, etc. can all escalate the price very quickly.

It also depends how detailed the drawings need to be.  A couple of hand sketches for use in the field takes a lot less work that detailed computer output, CAD drawings with layouts and sections.  Your specific project and submittal requirements as EOR might be driving these prices one way or another.

Working for a light gage panel fabricator, the engineering and drafting fee was typically around the 5% number.  The drafting portion was at least 50% of that.  And those were for some fairly detailed calc packages.

James Wilson, PE
Stroudsburg, PA

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