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Construction law for structural engineers

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Can anyone recommend some references, books, seminars,
etc. that would be worthwhile for structural engineers
regarding the legal aspects of the building
construction. I want to learn more about the legal
aspects of change orders, RFI's, claims for
construction delays, etc. 

Here's an example of the kind of knowledge that I
need: Structural drawings refer to geotechnical report
for slab-on-grade sub-base requirements. Geotechnical
report has no info on the what kind of sub-base
material is needed. Contractor points this out during
construction and charges huge price for sub-base
material and claims it's a change order because
nothing was shown on the contract documents.

Here are my questions: Can a contractor legally charge
twice the going rate for the sub-base even if there's
no delay involved and the "omission" was caught in
time? Is the sub-base material part of the primary
structural system and is the specification of this
item the responsiblity of the SER? Can an owner make
the SER pay for the sub-base material just because it
was not shown on the structural drawings? Is it not
the responsibility of bidders to point out
discreptancies and missing information on the contract
documents during the bidding phase? Are they not
obligated to question what a missing beam size is if a
steel beam is shown on a drawing but the size is

It would be great if there were a book written for
structural engineers that educated us on these things.
I'm thinking that in the near future large strucutral
engineering firms will have an in-house legal
department to handle this B.S. that is becoming more
and more prevalent in this business.


Cliff Schwinger

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