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RE: ASCE Membership - Is it worthwhile?

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Following are my reasons for being a member of ASCE, in order of importance to me:
1. My employer pays the membership fee. (I sometimes contribute to special funds or purchase journals on my own, but if there little cost to me, why not maintain membership? I first joined ASCE as a Student Member and have been a member for 30 years. ASCE did come out with a more practical Structural related journal entitled "Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction" - I got it for a while, but I find Structural Engineer magazine to be of more direct value to me for design related information.)
2. Discount life insurance. (My previous employer did not pay my membership fees, but I found that the savings I got on life insurance offset most of the membership costs.)
3. Attendance at local ASCE meetings. (This is my primary opportunity to talk to other local engineers outside of my company - and I enjoy talking to engineers in related fields but who are not just "Structurals". We also have technical break-out sessions for the Structural Technical Group that can be interesting and provide "PDH's" for continuing education. And I hear more about local engineering projects at such meetings.)
4. Discounts on ASCE publications. (A benefit to both my employer and myself, depending on who is paying for the publication.)
5. SEI membership. (I had great hopes when this group was established, but I'm not yet settled on how much direct benefit I get from this group. It at least gives me more direct Structural Engineering related information than ASCE did without it.)
6. Contributions to an organization that acts as advocate for Civil Engineers (and for Structural Engineers via SEI). (I wish that this were higher on the list. I think they do well in tracking Federal legislation that impacts Civil Engineers, but I would like to see more advocacy related to employment conditions, improvement in engineering fees, quality in engineering, etc.)
7. Civil Engineering magazine. (Some articles of interest, but there are other magazines that I find of more benefit to me.)
Currently, I am more active in the American Concrete Institute with respect to participation in committees, conventions, etc., and find it of more practical value to my everyday work.

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I was a member of ASCE years and years ago when I graduated. IIRC, the reason I dropped my membership is that the bulk of the material I received was non-structural related and the structural journal was (and probably still is) way over my head and more conducive to academia (IMHO) than the practical world I lived (and still do) in.


I am reconsidering membership, but, with everything I join or subscribe to today, I question its value to me. Regardless of the price, I don’t need to join just to join or to just get another magazine or for some other petty (again, IMHO) reason. These days, I want value for my membership.


I don’t need the insurance, so that wouldn’t be a reason.


Are there other reasons why I should join?




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