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wood truss and glue- sorry second try

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I have a client that has built some wood roof trusses (normally I try to avoid projects like this, but long story…..). The trusses look very reasonable in their construction. I will have to analyze them for strength and deflection, but before I put the time into doing this I was concerned with the way the plywood gussets were glued to the truss members. They used Gorilla Glue and nails to hold the joint tight while the glue cured. I was concerned with how Gorilla Glue (one part polyurethane glue) compared with the resorcinol glue that we have used in the past. I have contacted the makers of Gorilla Glue and they were very helpful and pointed me to some tests done by the USDA Forest Service Forest Products Lab. The shear strength, in these tests, looked as good or better than resorcinol for use on doug fir. I am still concerned with the long term performance and performance in a fire (high temp). This is in Oregon and under the UBC.

Does anyone have experience with this?

What do you think?


Thanks for your consideration.

Mark Miller, PE

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