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RE: Non-structural component callouts

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I try to have input on such items and ask questions if I don't see these
items addressed. As Jim Kester suggested, if it is important to the
structural integrity, then you have a responsibility to make sure it is
addressed even if others do the detailed specifying. Drainage adjacent to a
below grade wall can be important to its integrity. But such things as
dampproofing, waterproofing, and vapor retarders should primarily be the
Architect's responsibility, since these items are more related to interior
performance than to structural integrity. Nevertheless, I usually ask how
such items are being addressed and often must show below grade items on my
Sometimes I prepare the earthwork spec and sometimes others do - but I
always try to review it for materials that interface with the structure. If
I am given a complete set of documents for final review prior to sealing, I
usually try to give a cursory review to certain spec sections prepared by
others where I have encountered problems in the past due to poorly written
specs. But what to zero in on is mostly based on experience.  

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	Subject: Non-structural component callouts
	I am thinking of Cliff's question about legalities of "missed" items
in the plans when I ask this:
	When it comes to specifying cross-specialty items such as soil
preparation, stone grading, concrete waterproofing, etc, who is ultimately
responsible for these items?
	Just because we have a foundation wall or a ground-bearing slab on
our plans, is it always our responsibility to accurately specify the
waterproofing membrane, the wall drains, and the type of stone under the
footings?  And if we don't do it, are we the ones to be held responsible?
	Does the architect assume any responsibility for reviewing these
items?  Does an active owner have any responsibility?
	Jim Wilson, PE
	Stroudsburg, PA 

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