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Home Depot

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My 2 cents worth:

The bottom of the tilt-up panel was more than likely attached to the footing and at the slab up a few feet resulting in a resisting force couple that partially fixed the panel at it?s base. Clearly the roof framing (which was more than likely roof joists spanning parallel to the non-loadbearing wall) was not tied into the panel very well. This is not surprising because I have been in a number of Home-Depot stores around the US where the diagonal joist bridging was not tied into the top of the wall, thereby not providing any redundancy where the roof diaphragm ties in to the wall.

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Subject: RE: ITEM: "Store roof collapses amid heavy rainfall" [Galveston, TX Home Depot Store]

I also found it surprising, not so much from the standpoint that the wall is still standing after the roof collapse, but why the roof collapse did not seem to affect the wall. It makes you wonder how well the roof system was connected to the wall.

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Subject: RE: ITEM: "Store roof collapses amid heavy rainfall" [Galveston, TX Home Depot Store]

It's amazing in that second pic that the tilt up is standing without the roof to brace it.

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Subject: ITEM: "Store roof collapses amid heavy rainfall" [Galveston, TX Home Depot Store]

Store roof collapses amid heavy rainfall

Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle

The roof of a Home Depot store in Galveston collapsed this morning, presumably because of heavy rainfall, and flooding on island streets made the morning commute difficult. No one was injured in the roof collapse.

Emergency Management Coordinator Elliot Jennings said of the accident at the Home Depot, "Fortunately, no one was injured. There was only a minimal crew in in the building."

The store, located in a new shopping center at 61st Street and Broadway, was not open for business when the collapse occured about 6:30 a.m.

Jennings said the cause of the roof collapse was not yet known.

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Looks like ponding water, for sure. However, it's interesting that the collapse occurred at the front of the building. A similar roof collapse I was involved in many years ago, at a Wal-Mart store in the Tampa Bay area, was due to ponding at the BACK of the building, where the low point of the roof was (in that case, the contractor had put the through-parapet roof scuppers one CMU course higher than the plans called for).

The Home Depot in Galveston is a tilt-up building with metal roof/roof joists.

We're at about three times the amount of rainfall about normal at this point in the calendar year in the Houston-Galveston area.

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