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Re: ASCE Membership - Is it worthwhile?

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Not in my opinion Bill.   I have been a member for years and I have read some interesting articles regarding civil projects but there has never been much in the way of useful structural info in their magazine.
Like you, I've read their structural journals and found the information steeped in theory and testing data that was not useful to apply to any projects that I have ever worked on.
Unless you or your office does related civil design projects or you like to read a lot about highways, dams, bridges and water conservation projects, or you want to use the insurance programs that are available through their membership, you don't need the membership. 
Ray Shreenan  SE
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From: Bill Allen
Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2004 8:52 AM
Subject: ASCE Membership - Is it worthwhile?



I was a member of ASCE years and years ago when I graduated. IIRC, the reason I dropped my membership is that the bulk of the material I received was non-structural related and the structural journal was (and probably still is) way over my head and more conducive to academia (IMHO) than the practical world I lived (and still do) in.


I am reconsidering membership, but, with everything I join or subscribe to today, I question its value to me. Regardless of the price, I don?t need to join just to join or to just get another magazine or for some other petty (again, IMHO) reason. These days, I want value for my membership.


I don?t need the insurance, so that wouldn?t be a reason.


Are there other reasons why I should join?




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