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RE: SECB Certification Program for SE's

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Very interseting thread...In British Colubmbia, by 2006, structural engineers will have to carry a seperate specialty licence. This license requires a mimimum level of experience, a passing grade on the British IStructE exam or the California SE exam and finally a passing grade on a BC exam which has emphasis on seismic design. Alternately, an engineer can have an oral exam in front of a panel of engineers along with a techical reviews of a couple of projects as an alternate path.
I think there are a couple of mistakes that we have made in our process:
1. There are three differenct exam routes to your license.  There is no consistent way to measure the results of this process - the California exam and the British exam are radically different (one is code specific, one is not).  If you want to test, we all write the same exam - no exceptions.
2. There is currently alot of debate about what areas of structural engineering will require the specialty designation. Currently, specialty engineering (ie. structural steel shop drawings, wood plate trusses, steel studs etc.) is exempt. As well, engineering for Part 9 (residential) buildings is exempt. Nobody seems to know what to do with bridges, water retaining structures, power transmission structures etc.  From a licensing point of view, how can you expect to test all areas of structural engineering?  If the exam is too generic, there may be false sense of security in the result of the licensing process, too specific and many will not pass. 
3. Our bylaw requires a rather passive form of quality assurance (ie. as the engineer of record, you need to have you work checked - we may or may not check ).  Quality assurance should be administered by the authority having jurisdiction via independent pier review.  I think this is really the crux of the issue and is the best way to contol the quality of structural engineering.