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home depot roof collapse

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Like Mathew Stuart said, one of our common details is of a bar that sticks out of the panel at slab level and gets poured into it. I am thinking this is a good redundant measure to keep a panel from crushing the occupants in exactly this type of a situation.
My boss is very involved when it comes to roof drains and emergency overflow drains and scupper location. A couple of inches too high and a scupper will not due its intended job, as the roof isn't designed for those extra few inches of ponding water. This is a hard detail to coordinate in the field in tilt-up, with the thickness of the rigid insulation, crickets, flashing, etc all getting in the way, so I have heard some contractors sawcut their scuppers after the roof is on so they know it is dead on. And when the architect doesn't coordinate something and the drain pipe doesn't get installed with enough slope, or not enough roof drains were put in, and the roof does collapse, don't think the SE won't get dragged in too. Our company has when we had absolutely nothing to do with it, so I encourage everyone in high rain areas to be involved in the process.
Andrew Kester, PE
Longwood, FL