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Ridge beam/joist analysis

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Any thoughts on the conventional knowledge(?) that a structural ridge beam
eliminates all lateral thrust at the exterior joist bearing walls? I'm
designing a timber camp roof with a 10:12 pitch. Looking at the joist member
as it will exist in the structure, (i.e. pitched) the loads are obviously
vertical at beam and wall. However, in order to do an exact analylsis of the
joist, I applied the 'w' load (reduced for actual longer span) at the
appropriate angle to a horizontal joist. An axial load exists as the result
of the partial vector. This seems to indicate tension in the joist (if
supported from beam) or compression (if supported at walls)...which is
contrary to what I thought I knew. Anyhow, I hope I'm wrong because
developing the lateral restraint would be tough at 8x8 timber walls...


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