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RE: SECB Certification Program for SE's

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We do a fair amount of plan review work in my office, so I know a number of building official here in Utah.  Several of the building officials think we need an association that is strong and self policing.  Similar to the ABA for lawyers.  Engineers would be bound by rules of such an organization and also the organization would enforce the rules, independant of the state.  Will the organization that certifies engineers also be willing to enforce it's own rules (if there are any)?  Once someone is certified, is there a mechanism to revoke that certification if necessary?  Should we as engineers encourage this organization to work similar to the ABA?  I know the ABA is a national organization.  How do each of the state governing agencies relate to the ABA?  

Also, every code cycle we extend our knowledge.  Most engineers can read the code and make rational judgements.  Should engineers be "certified" to work with each code?  An exam could be written to highlight the changes in each cycle.  This would help all engineers to remain proficient and hopefully understand changes in each cycle.

Jake Watson, P.E.
Salt Lake City, UT

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>3. Our bylaw requires a rather passive form of quality assurance (ie. as
>the engineer of record, you need to have you work checked - we may or
>may not check ).  Quality assurance should be administered by the
>authority having jurisdiction via independent pier review.  I think this
>is really the crux of the issue and is the best way to contol the
>quality of structural engineering.


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