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RE: De-welding

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Using an oxygen ? acetylene torch is an oxidation cutting process and will waste out one of the pieces joined in a weld.

But using a skilled operator with an air-arc system, the weld can be removed with minimal damage to the parent joined steel pieces. The system consists of a hollow copper coated carbon rod (similar to a welding rod) with compressed air fed adjacent to the carbon rod. The carbon arc temperature is hotter than normal welding arc. The carbon arc melts the weld metal in highly localized area. The molten weld metal is blown out with the compressed air as the arc is maintained. I have effectively used this method many times.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: De-welding
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 12:46:35 -0500

Can two pieces of metal be de-welded without harming either piece?  I'm
guessing it's not like desoldering a resistor out of a circuit board w/ a
vaccum pump.

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