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Re: Wood beam splits

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Scott, Bruce,
Thanks for the help, this beam did turn out okay with checks along its length.  It is split mid-height for about 8" at one end so I am recommending couple of lag bolts pre-drilled and driven through the crack.  Now it will be evident that the beam has been "fixed" even though it doesn't need it.
And to reiterate, it sounds like wood splits still need some type of rational analysis to determine their affect on the beam's capacity even though there is no discussion of this effect in the standards.

It has been a while since I designed curved glulam beams. Lag bolts that penetrate thru the layers are often used in curved glulams when stresses are excessive. See the AITC handbook. The same design method may be extended to your case.


Suresh Acharya, S.E.

Richmond, CA