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Re: SECB Certification Program for SE's

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"Every large A/E firm that I worked for did not allow any time off to study
for the exam on the company's dime.  Heck, I have yet to work for a
company that will pay for any association dues and few will pay for any
seminars.  In general, the only seminars or conferences that I attend are
the ones that _I_ pay for."

Maybe it is a regional thing, but most of the mid-size and larger firms that I have heard about locally (Puget Sound Area) will pay for some degree of seminar attendence, license renewal fees, and professional organization memberships.  The details, restrictions, and hoops to jump through vary pretty widely by firm, of course, but most of them offer something, and some of them end up being fairly generous.  With the exception of some state DOTs, however, I have yet to hear of many employers (anywhere) that pay time or expense for you to take the exams.  I suppose technically my time to take the exams was paid... it was called "vacation" time.  Not the most fun vacation I've ever taken, to be sure.  

Paul Crocker, PE, SE

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