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Re: Ridge beam/joist analysis

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| Cut a horizontal seat for the rafter at each end, and the rafter won't
| roll -- there will be no force due to gravity that will displace the
| laterally -- even if each end of the rafter bears on a roller on the
| horizontal seat.  There are other reasons, of course, for making a secure
| connection each end of the rafter, but a lateral force due to gravity is
| one of the reasons.
| Try this: hang a pencil from two threads, one each end.  Regardless of
| end of the pencil is higher, or if it is horizontal, there is no lateral
| restraint needed to keep both of the threads vertical.
| Nels
| Nels Roselund
| Structural Engineer
| South San Gabriel, CA
| njineer(--nospam--at)

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