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Re: Cohesion of backfill soil

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Typically the soil recompaction specifications and anticipated soil properties comes from the geotechnical engineer.  The specific answer to your question depends on the type of soil you use for the backfill (i.e. clays will have a lot different values than sand).  If you have a choice, it is desirable to use a select structural backfill of a well graded gravel/sand/silt compacted in 6 to 8 inch layers to 90 or 95 percent depending on final application.  For these types of soils the cohesion is often assumed to be zero and the angle of internal friction in the 30 to 40 degree range.  Reliable numbers require either laboratory testing or local knowledge from known source.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting

"Nguyen Nam Trung" <namtrung.xd(--nospam--at)>

06/28/2004 04:33 AM

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Cohesion of backfill soil

Hi all,
I am designing a foundation near to a water pond in a power plant. The pond depth is 4m, so the soil nearby have to be excavated, and then filled back after casting finish. My question is: which reduce factors should I used for that backfill soil cohesion factor and friction angle? Can you suggest some references related to this topic for me?
Your recommendation will be appreciated.
Nguyen Nam Trung
Civil Work Design Department,
Power Engineering & Consulting Company No.3,
HCMC, Vietnam.