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RE: Reduction for# of bolts?

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>I am currently looking at several connections using a large

>number of bolts.  I have been looking for a code provision for a

>reduction in the allowable loads used when you have lots of bolts.

>Can anyone guide me to this or is there no such thing?


End-loaded connections, such as a flange plate in a moment connection, have a non-uniform distribution of shear on the bolts. Side-loaded joints, like shear connections and gusset edges, do not. To account for the case of end-loaded joints and keep bolted joint design simple, an across-the-board reduction of 20 percent is already included in the design strength of bolts in the AISC Specification. This covers all joints up to 50 in. in length. If your end-loaded joint length exceeds 50 in., an additional 20 percent reduction is necessary per AISC Specification Table J3.2, footnote e.


Hope this helps.