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RE: Tales of Terror #1: Architects doing engineering

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Bill Polhemus wrote:
Although I am not privy to the scope of their work, nor to what extent they?ve actually accomplished anything, I am aware that here in Texas they have an ongoing Joint Committee of the Boards of Engineering and Architecture licensing that is charged with trying to sort these issues out, at least here in our state (called the JOINT TBPE/TBAE COMMITTEE). 
If you want a humorous read, check out the minutes of some of the past meetings: 
I have no idea why there aren?t any later minutes available (at least that I could find).
As a result of the 78th Texas Legislature, the previous ad-hoc committee that you refer to has been replaced with a new standing committee, the TBPE/TBAE Joint Committee on the Practice of Engineering and Architecture.  I was appointed to this commitee last April, and wrote about it in a previous post.  You can also read about it at:
The first meeting of this committee was held in Austin on May 21, 2004.  I would expect that the minutes of this meeting will be posted very soon on the TBPE website at:
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