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Re: Ridge beam/joist analysis

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> "Another means for restraining inclined rafters
> is through the use of a collar tie ... this turns the top joint into a rigid
> connection, and stability becomes dependent on the bending of the rafters."


        This seems to me to be a mistake.  Perhaps you edited out more than you

        It would seem (to me at least) that the collar tie would effectively
turn the rafters into a three hinged arch with the lateral restraint force taken
internally by the collar tie.  The only moment that I can see being transferred
through the ridge joint would be limited to the axial load in the rafters
multiplied by the small eccentricity between the effective centre of the contact
area and the centrelines of the rafters.

        I agree with everything else in your posting.

Respectfully submitted,

H. Daryl Richardson

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