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Re: Plywood shearwall in Plumbing Wall

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We agree the top plate needs to be continuous in a wood shear wall; therefore uniformly distributing the load to the plywood. I and several others I am sure would not waste time and money to determine the load to each smaller section of bottom plate. Would you use rigidity analysis to distribute the load to each section or section length?  Should there be a post and holdown at each break in the bottom plate.
By using the methodology that the bottom plate can be segmented how does that effect the plywood. Will this possibly induce a tear  in the plywood at the end of a bottom plate segment if you don't use a post and holdown ?

Most contractors and Architects we have dealt with understand that cutting up a shear wall is not a responsible thing to do from a city inspection and a liability point of view.

Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs,  CA