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RE: OMF Connection Design

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Everyone and anyone:
I would like a representative from AISC to give their unofficial opinion.  An AISC representative could help one of thier dues paying members not be hassled by people like me, because I see OMF panel zones as part of the joint and the way I read AISC Seismic Provisions Section 11.2 the idea is not to use joint/connection as the part of the system that limits the maximum force that can be delivered.
There are two questions:  1) Are  ordinary moment frame panel zones part of an OMF connection/joint? 2) Per the AISC Seismic Provisions Section 11.2a, as part of the connection/joint can the panel zone be the part of the system that limits the maximum force that can be delivered to the system?
The 1997 AISC Seismic Provisions Section 9.3 is titled "Panel-Zone of Beam-To-Column Connections".  AISC Seismic 11.2 is titled "Beam-To-Column Joints and Connections".    11.2 is the section that says OMF connections need to be designed for the maximum force that can be delivered to the system and says "...Joints...".  9.3 seems to indicate panel zones are part of the connection.
Scott Haan
Deputy Building Official
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Interesting point, I had not noticed that clarification before. So it
appears that the panel zone does not have to be designed for the higher
forces. Do you then think it is appropriate to use the panel zone
strength, as designed per the LRFD specification, to determine the
maximum moment that can be delivered by the system?
That's why you use lower value of R for OMF in comparison with SMRF.
A. S. Quilala Jr. P.E.