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Re: Offshore services

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I'm guessing that since they're not offering actual engineering services in any particular jurisdiction, there's no violation. One might presume that an engineer would send them hand sketches with connection requirements just as if you'd given to the drafter/designer in the next cube. They just happen to be several thousand miles away in a firm which pays them peanuts compared to US wages.

When I send hand sketches to one of my designers two states away, and he sends back cad files, there's no problem with applying my seal to the finished drawings. More importantly, they are not offering to seal your set of drawings which have been produced by a non-licensed entity (which is what our PA friend was doing).

I've actually been on a job where the steel fabricator outsourced the steel detailing to another firm, who - in turn - used offshore (Poland, IIRC) detailers, and did only up front engineering calcs and pre-stamp plan checks. I'll tell you that it was absolute h@ll trying to get problems with the drawings properly worked out, since there were two intermediaries between me (who speaks only English) and the detailer (Who spoke no English). It was the most perverse game of "telephone" I've ever seen and a royal PITA, but not necessarily illegal. In truth, the engineer could have been a computer illiterate with a dozen foreign-national CAD-jockeys in cubes in a little office park in Jersey and it would have been almost as difficult, but nobody would have questioned his legitimacy to produce and seal prints.

At 11:29 AM 7/2/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>More offshore engineering offers!!!!!!
What prevents the engineering board from taking the same action against
these people and their customers as was taken against the Pennsylvania
plan stamper? The outfit is clearly holding itself forth as a provider of
engineering and design services and ought to be registered by law. If a
domestic engineer stamps any of their plans, he's in violation of the
provisions about supervision.

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