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Re: Offshore services

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Here we go AGAIN!!!  The rates seem to be on the higher side compared to the
cost of living in India.  But New Delhi is supposed to be quite expensive.

Take into consideration that a middle class family could have a decent
quality of life with only about $2-3/hour salary.  A $10/hr salary which
amounts to Rs.80,000/mo can actually get you a life better than most middle
class families here. Other people have given more detailed explanation on
this subject.  Just a little comparison to educate others on the list.

I cannot talk for their quality of service.  Service is something which
varies from person to person.

In case any of you attended the latest AISC conference in Long Beach  you
would have noticed that there were few of the detailers who had set up a

- Aswin
Aswin Rangaswamy, P.E.
Cypress, California

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> I'm guessing that since they're not offering actual engineering services
> any particular  jurisdiction, there's no violation.  One might presume
> an engineer would send them hand sketches with connection requirements
> as if you'd given to the drafter/designer in the next cube. They just
> happen to be several thousand miles away in a firm which pays them peanuts
> compared to US wages.

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