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Roger and I

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I just wanted to let you know that I spoke to Roger Turk today and he sounded strong and well. He has moved from his home into an assisted living facility (when I have the name I will pass it along) where he can deal with the pain management he needs for hospice care. It was good to speak to him and he was so very happy to receive all the mail and cards that arrived over the past several weeks.

The good news is that he has access to his computer and will be back on the list shortly. He is notably weak, but has a strong desire to keep his mind and spirit strong – a thing that this old coot has been known to do if you read any of his e-mails about his lack of affection for Windoze.

We had a long talk and I found out that engineering community in Tucson has been taking good care of him – professional friends have been doing things for him and he has a great many friends in the community. I plan to visit with him around the 25th of July when I drive to Phoenix to drop my grandchildren off at the airport. Mari and I are planning on heading down to Tucson for some R&R (after a month with two grandsons 11 and 8 and five years with my granddaughter 15 years old we are due for some relaxation and especially some peace and quiet). Specifically, we have decided that the area to the East of Tucson (Bensen and Tombstone) will be our next move in about eight to ten years. We are looking for some ranch land where I can commute with the engineering community, but hand pick my clients and raise Golden Retrievers. My mother thinks we are nuts, but I guess after being in this business for as long as I becoming a hermit with my family seems more and more appealing. If it were not for the humidity, I might end up in some secluded South Seas Island with my wife and dogs. Until then, outside Tucson Arizona is our favorite area – no wonder Roger settled there.

Look forward to Rogers return and he asked me to send his gratitude and thanks to all of you who sent him cards and letters. It made him feel really special – and all of us know that he is.





Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant



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