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RE: virus culprit

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I am not sure what your "also" refers to, since this is the only email
that I received with this subject.  None of the posts in my Listserv
folder today have any attachments.

At work, my PC runs behind industrial strength protection.  Viruses are
eliminated at the server level, long before any email attachments reach
my desktop.  If one did somehow slip through (hasn't happened in several
years), my resident McAfee VirusScan would intercept it locally.
Firewalls prevent unauthorized outgoing communications.  I know enough
about worms and such to realize that viruses are almost always sent from
aliases, rather than from the stated sender addresses.  I believe that
you, and most others on this Listserv, would never knowingly send
anything malicious.

Take care,


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Subject: RE: virus culprit


This is forged also.  My address was apparently harvested from someone's

address book as was your address and a virus attached.  I run 100% DOS

Needless to say, I am not the "culprit."

Roger Turk

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