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Re: Paris airport roof collapse

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Quite funny, guys...
But all the fun is around a weird construction disaster in which four people had died.   
This structure was apparently designed by reputable engineer and, due to its status, should have been checked so many times that its failure (especially such failure) would seem very unlikely.  
The structure appears quite unusual and - in spite of many statements to the contrary (including the ones from the architect of record) - innovative, not to say risky. Remember, an oval-shaped cross-section, quite "shallow" and wide-spanned cylindrical concrete shell profusely perforated with square openings and the wing-shaped roof attached through spaced struts (links to detailed pictures were published on this list about a month ago)? 
Did it fail at those struts? Could it be some dynamic (wind) loading from the "wings" that gradually destroyed concrete at the struts?    
IMHO, it's worth knowing, even if/when we know everything about concrete :)... 
May be, the French media (particularly, professional papers) provides more information?  Can some of our Canadian bi-lingual brethren shed more light on the issue? 

Vyacheslav "Steve" Gordin, PhD
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Subject: RE: Paris airport roof collapse

No, I believe that I heard a rumor that French officials were trying to negotiate with the structure through the UN for a peaceful and financially profitable outcome for themselves. 
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Subject: RE: Paris airport roof collapse

Are you suggesting the concrete actually...




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Subject: RE: Paris airport roof collapse


It appears that even French concrete is weak...

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From: S. Gordin [mailto:scgordin(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: Paris airport roof collapse

Weaknesses in the concrete used for the roof of a futuristic Paris airport terminal were the main cause of its collapse that killed four people on May 23, an official report said on Tuesday.