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Re: Existing Hanger Evaluation

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I would suggest contacting the building official directly and asking if a review letter from your office would provide the necessary documentation. You would review the design (re-do the calcs, if necessary) and slab connection against current code-required loads. A summary of your findings would be in a letter addressed to the owner.

I have used this method on designs which were not mine. I review the calculations and drawings, and if I'm satisfied that the work was done to current code, I write a letter saying something like "I have reviewed the attached calculations and believe that the analysis meets the structural requirements in the <date/type> code." Often I'll summarize the loads and extent of the calcs in the letter - sort of a cliff's notes version, but making it clear that it is merely a summary of the work of others. I sign it and seal it (the cover letter only) and send it on its way. I have also sent some calcs back to the owner/fabricator/contractor with deficiencies and/or questions prior to my final letter. Even in jurisdictions where I have never met the code official, I've never had a complaint.

Perhaps some may disagree with me, but I'm providing nothing more than expert witness services. If the code official is comfortable with it, everybody is happy. If not, then the owner can whine at the code official for the huge analysis bill I'll be sending.

At 03:57 PM 7/7/2004 -0700, you wrote:
Hello all,
I have a client who purchased an existing small aircraft hanger. He has moved it and assembled it on a slab near other such hangers. The city of course, is now asking for stamped plans and calculations for the structure and foundation. He has all of the existing structure drawings and calculations, but the engineer who designed it is deceased. The engineering company hew worked for does not exist any more. I told him I could check the key elements for current code compliance, but that I could not stamp another engineer's work. At the same time I can't imagine redrawing and re-calculating everything is doing anyone any good, but is that what really needs to be done? There are several of these exact hangers currently on the property. The foundation is a seperate issue as I'm sure the existing slab does not figure for all of the concentrated loads. Any input on the subject would be appreciated. Thanks.

Mark Pemberton, S.E.
Pemberton Engineering

Jordan Truesdell, PE

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