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RE: Wood Floors and Weights

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Thanks for all the replies.  Upon further questioning, it turns out that the
"free weights" that were mentioned are dumbbells (max weight ~75#).  All
other "weights" are machines.  Apparently, the liability insurance for
things like free weight bench presses or squat racks is astronomical.

Vibration could still be an issue, and I mentioned this to the owner.  This
area is directly over the locker room so he said it wouldn't be a problem.
I'll specify that the floor trusses be designed for heavier than normal
loads to compensate somewhat.  I'll also get the architect to send the
information on the machines he's picked out to the truss designer.

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, LLC
Kansas City, Missouri

> In a message dated 7/7/2004 11:07:47 AM Eastern Daylight Time, "Jason W.
> Kilgore" <jkilgore(--nospam--at)> writes:
> What is your general gut feeling for designing a wood floor to support a
> ?Weight Room??  I?m assuming at least some free weights.
> The proposed floor system will be a rubber mat over 2 layers of ¾?
> plywood (edges staggered) over 24? deep wood floor trusses.
> I?m picturing some wanna-be governor pressing a 200# bar over his head
> then letting it free-fall 7.5?+.

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