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Calculation Software

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I'm considering the purchase of an engineering "calculation pad" software.
The three under consideration are:

TEDDS by CSC: $900
Layout by Research Engineers International (STAAD)
Mathcad by Mathsoft: $1000 + $235 (CE pack) = $1235

Does anyone have any opinions for or against any of these programs?  I
currently use MS Excel and hand calc's, but want something more formula
friendly and presentable than Excel, and hand calc's are always a pain for
small changes and error correction.  Also, I had a project recently where I
had to submit all calc's electronically - I had to scan everything then
print to a PDF file.

TEDDS is currently in the lead in my consideration because of the included
features and lower price.  It includes a limited 3D FEA program and custom
section analyzer.  Also, it includes many built-in structural engineering
calculations and standard section properties.  It uses MS Word text
formatting abilities.  I've ordered a 30-day demo copy for review.

I've downloaded a 30-day demo of Layout, and it appears to be workable.  It
looks like its core is based on an older version of MS Excel.  It does not
appear to do automatic unit conversion, which is a disadvantage.  I'll play
around with it some more, but REI products are generally expensive.

I've used Mathcad in the past and liked it then, but I'll have to pay extra
for the CE pack (if I even get it).  One huge bonus is the ability to
designate and keep track of units (if you add 1 ft. and 3 in. you get 15

Any comments or suggestions?  Ease of use?  Shortcomings?  Any other
products out there?

Jason Kilgore

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