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RE: Calculation Software

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I have been using MathCad for so long it's hard for me to make an unbiased

Have no idea regarding "Layout," although I have to say that any product
from REI to me is suspect because of their poor history of customer
relations (maybe they're better now, but for years I had to put up with
their "stuff," and was glad when I went out on my own so I could switch to a
different product). YMMV.

TEDDS is "sworn to" by a number on this list including Mr. Wish. I tried
their "free trial" but found it to be more of a functionally-limited demo,
and so abandoned the attempt to learn it.

MathCad has by far the largest "installed base," but that of course includes
any and everyone who does mathematical calculations. I still use the 2000
version because I haven't seen the need to change. Their newest (Version 11,
I think) looks pretty slick. The basic function of the software doesn't
change, but they do make improvements to the UI that are worth noting.

You can usually find the "Pro" version of MathCad "on sale" for as little as
$150, which makes it, to me, the best "bang for the buck."

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I'm considering the purchase of an engineering "calculation pad" software.
The three under consideration are:

TEDDS by CSC: $900
Layout by Research Engineers International (STAAD)
Mathcad by Mathsoft: $1000 + $235 (CE pack) = $1235

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