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RE: Concrete shrinkage (was curing)

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Bill, I'm too lazy to go and look it up, but for the most part I consider
that there is little or no reason for about 95% of all projects to go
anywhere other than ACI 301 when specifying concrete.

ACI 301 is written to be either a specification that one incorporates by
reference in one's own specs, simply adding clarifying language in your
document to indicate which of the many options pertains to the present
project, or to be lifted out explicitly and used as the verbiage in your own
spec, editing as required.

Of the two options, the first is preferred, and ACI 301 includes a very
detailed instruction to the specifier telling you how to go about doing it,
and includes checklists to make sure you cover all the bases.

ACI 301 represents the ultimate "consensus document" for specifying concrete
for construction, and I would venture to say it contains far more
"man-years" of development by people who really know what they're talking
about when it comes to practical concrete, than any other reference document
you could name.

That would be my advice, and I'd be surprised if you didn't find the answer
to your question somewhere in ACI 301.

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Let me re-phrase my question - what specification language do you use to
ensure that you get "a uniform gradation on the coarse aggregates"? 

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