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Re: "North to Alaska?"

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        I accepted a two year full time employment position about ten years ago.  The first year "back in business" after that was about half of what it had been before.  The nest year and subsequent years were back to normal and above And my bank account was well filled to even out cash flow variations for a few years after the event.

        Possible loss of business in the long term is not likely (in my opinion, based on my own experience) to be a significant factor.

        Good luck with your choice.


H. Daryl Richardson

Bill Polhemus wrote:

Well, I have been offered a contract position, 6 mos. To 1 year in Anchorage.

I have to say that at the dollars they?re talking (salary plus per diem) it?s awfully tempting. I would just grab a bag, my wife and daughter and go within a week or so, and leave ?others? to mind things here till I get back.

PROS: Money, and a pretty good bit of it. The COL there is high, but the money they?re talking could more than cover that. I could hopefully refill my woefully-depleted bank account and allow me to come back and get back to business without the wolf at the door as is the case currently.

CONS: Well, we?d live the grandkids behind, and my wife will be quite despondent about that the whole time we?re gone. Also, if I?m THERE, I obviously won?t be doing anything HERE to drum up my own business.

The CONS are obviously outweighed by extreme poverty right now, but I?m still not 100% decided.

Anyone else live/work up there? Anyone been there? Comments?