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Re: Calculation Software

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Here is an idea for you. Take a graduate structural engineering course at a university if you have one nearby, then buy Mathcad at the student rate. There are numerous places online where you can buy it if you are an enrolled student. I just did a google search and found one for $125.

Tuition:  $850  (estimated)
Mathcad $125
Total $975

You still come out less than the $1000 full price you quoted, and you get enough continuing education credits to cover your requirements for 2 years. It should be a lot longer, but it seems that most of the states I am registered in will only let you carry over 30 hours maximum

I did this a couple of years ago and also got free copies of the PCI Design Handbook and the PCI Hollow Core Slab Manual since I was a student. I didn't know about the Mathcad discount and other freebies when I signed up for the course, but once I got in there and found out about them it was a pleasant surprise. It would not be worth the effort to take a college course at night while working fulltime just to get free stuff, but if you have ever considered taking one you might as well take advantage of the perks.

Rick Burch
Columbia, SC

Jason W. Kilgore wrote:

I'm considering the purchase of an engineering "calculation pad" software.
The three under consideration are:

TEDDS by CSC: $900
Layout by Research Engineers International (STAAD)
Mathcad by Mathsoft: $1000 + $235 (CE pack) = $1235

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