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Re: Calculation Software

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Isn't the "education" version strictly for educational purposes and
specifically prohibited for commercial use?

David Finley

Yes, it is.  However, unlike some software, the educational version
of Mathcad (at least back around version 8 which is the one I'm still
using) does not announce itself as educational.  I viewed it as a
transitional way to get into using Mathcad (while I was a student),
and my purchase of the commercial version paid for itself with some
research consulting for which I used it.  I have not had trouble with
Mathcad crashing.  On the other hand, I suspect *my* definition of a
large sheet and Jake's may differ a bit.  I tend to do one thing
(e.g. footings or columns or dynamic response) per sheet and reference
the other results in.  I was weaned on software encapsulation, so it
just got to be a habit.

I sometimes prepare reports directly in Mathcad.  I will certainly grant
that its capabilities as a document preparation system are more limited
than my preferred system (LaTeX, not M$ word), but I usually include a
separate report in LaTeX with my calculations as an appendix (sometimes
only in PDF depending on the customer).  You can, however, create
document templates in Mathcad and I have a lot of boilerplate that I
cut-and-paste into my reports for technical backgrounders.

I created a link to my excel copy of the AISC database to extract
section properties, and I have built-up an excel "database" of rebar
properties.  My only real complaint is that Mathcad doesn't interface to
real database software (like dbase) and I'm too unskilled to write the
interface as a mathcad extension DLL.  I don't suppose I can blame Mathsoft
for that though. ;-)

I've never used TEDDS, and my experience with Mathematica is that it is
extraordinarily powerful - particularly its symbolic math engine - and
I only ever used it for solving stiff PDEs.


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