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Re: AISC database and Mathcad

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> I recently read on the seaoc list serve that you were able to link excel with
> MathCAD. I have been wondering about this exact problem. Would you be willing
> to share how this is done?

Since I figured this might be of general interest, I thought I
would reply to the person who asked me by way of the list.

I prefer to use the File Read/Write component to link my excel
"databases" into Mathcad since this offers updating if I tweak
the contents of the excel database (like calculating some characteristic
that AISC hasn't already provided).  This link creates a Mathcad
matrix which you then manipulate like any other matrix.  In fact,
the help function in Mathcad (I think that's where I found it) gives a
fairly robust description of how to do this.

Drawbacks:  every time you *recalculate* the worksheet, it rereads
from the excel file.  With something as big as the AISC database,
that can take a while on a slower machine.  I believe there is a way
to "statically" link the data in.  I forget how.  I think it's called

For updating the excel spreadsheet (if you are doing calculations in
excel and mathcad), I believe that you use the File Read/Write component
and activate its write capabilities.  I don't do Excel calculations if I'm
using Mathcad, so I'm not really sure.


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