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Diversity in Mental Streams

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Thank you for your responses to the cancer struggle.  
I was actually responding to the letters regarding Mr. Turk, who has
developed cancer.
I know I am not supposed to introduce such topics, but I also realize that
many engineers 
do not observe other fields, so dedicated to their own professions.  I was
considering leaving 
engineering for some time, to go into medicine, and I realized that there
is so little knowledge
divulged to the patients for the treatments they will be given, and when
researched further, 
it is found that the general population is very single-minded when it comes
to the type
of treatment they receive, mainly because the media has over-populated a
great mental 
sphere.  I find it a shame, that people in other countries, like India and
China, find our 
Western system so "great", and they are choosing to leave their own
cultural influences
behind, instead of finding integration patterns.  It is interesting that in
our Western culture,
we are now integrating and using Eastern systems sometimes more than
Eastern peoples.

It is one of the drawbacks of this culture, that when people become so
dedicated in one 
field - 40 hours a week is a lifetime compared to 30 hours in some european
countries - 
that a whole mind-set is achieved which eliminates continuous learning in
other disciplines.
This system here is very stable, however, and exactly, is achieved because
of the division
of labor.  But sometimes the greatest minds become narrowed on only a
particular regime,
and real progress may be lost without the expansion of ideas.

I am back in engineering now, probably because I found an outlet for
integrating my 
health conceptions and feel a greater balance than before.  And precisely,
one of the 
major pinpoints in these "alternative studies" pinpointing to cancer, is, a
lack of balance.

Refugio Rochin
As the saying:  "Innocent until proven Guilty"
So the sayings:  "True until proven False" and "Believe until found

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