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RE: "North to Alaska?"

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Okay, maybe I was wrong ... it happens every few years!  Nevertheless, Alaska is liberal when compared with Texas, but will become less so when Wild Bill relocates.  I'm not sure which Texas senators and representatives you are referring to.  Tom DeLay, perhaps?  We like drillin', especially domestically.  That is why so much of your non-native population are first or second generation Texans.  That is why so many Texans still consider Alaska to be our "Lone Star Colony".  Perhaps that is why the Fairbanks IceDogs hockey club petitioned to play in the Texas (Southern Division) of the NAHL last year.  


I believe you are mistaken on the hoard of liberals thing.  I will forward this to Senator Ted Stevens, Representative Don Young and Senator Lisa Murkowski, our governor Frank Murkowski, my state house representative Carl Gatto and state senator Lyda Green and see if they agree with you.  Our voting record disproves that idea.  Besides isn't it gay and animal marriage legal in Texas. 
I just wish all the liberal senators and house representatives from the second largest state in the union would quit locking up our natural resources like ANWR etc... 
Scott Haan