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Well, its sure good to see that the current administration has that whole

Iraqi bugaboo/WMD/Bin Laden “thang” all worked out and can now focus its

full and complete energy on such national security issues as gay marriage.



Now I can sleep at night.







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The Senate will vote July 15 on the Federal Marriage Amendment which defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

We all have to make a decision on this issue. No decision,  is a decision.
I encourage each of you to contact your U.S. Senators and voice your opinions one way or the other on this important issue. 

The link below has contact information along with your Senators current position on this subject.  Also from this link you can sign a national petition concerning this matter.

Thank you for your time.

Help Save Marriage! Sign a federal marriage amendment petition

Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm SpringsCA