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On Fri, 9 Jul 2004, Christopher Wright wrote:

Well, its sure good to see that the current administration has that whole
Iraqi bugaboo/WMD/Bin Laden "thang" all worked out and can now focus its
full and complete energy on such national security issues as gay marriage.
And on keeping up what we get from the library and the bookstore along
with who we socialize with.

You lefties need to figure it out. Did the Bush administration not do ENOUGH with the cesspool that Clinton left us with--you DO recall that there was an earlier attack on the WTC didn't you? What DID Mr. Clinton do? Oh,that's right, NOTHING....

Or are they doing too much?

Doesn't matter, does it, as long as you can criticize SOMETHING.

Newsflash, Lefties: No domestic terror attacks since 9/11.

And why not? Because all the baddies are in IRAQ, begin slowly decimated all in one convenient location.

WMD? Yes, they found them. You need to keep up.

See ya...

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