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Combined Earth and Earthquake loading /2003 IBC/4-story bldg.

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Combined Earth and Earthquake loading /2003 IBC/4-story bldg.
Hope I haven't revealed to many of my global concerns to keep people from answering
my emails.
Anyway, here is a structural question:
I have not looked at a building like this previously, and am seeking a short answer.
I am looking at a 4 story building, built into the side of a 3 to 1 grade hill.
At the top of the hill is a road, and so there is a superimposed load.  This is in
a seismic zone 4.  While the back of the building has full soil load, the front of
the building is completely open to the road.
There is also torsional irregularity in this building.
So, my question involves approaching the building evaluation in a simplified manner.
I suppose that the static soil load will be a simple ret-wall design, with retention
at each floor, where a simple support scenario should be adequate per floor, accounting
for stiffness of the frame actions.
But with seismic loading, the building will shift irregularly, so the soil loading
should also be irregular.  Perhaps I should just apply the inverted seismic soil profile
to the entire structure at the back wall face, as an additional load to a static procedure
analysis.  Do some suggest a total 3-D dynamic evaluation?  If so, should the soil
still be modeled as a fixed distribution?
If anyone has any example analyses of such a building configuration, could I please see
this by fax, or search a link for an approach?
refugio rochin
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