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RE: Calculation Software

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Dennis is correct that they is yearly "maintance" fee for TEDDS.  Keep in
mind, however, that the fee is really more of a yearly "upgrade" fee.
They supposedly make an effort to do at least one siginificant feature
upgrade each year, which you then get as part of your maintance fee.
They have been reasonably good about doing such upgrades (I have a
version 7.0 upgrade CD that I have not gotten around to installing just
yet...going on several months now).  Since I purchased a license (about
three years ago) I have gone from version 5 (I believe) to version 7.  It,
of course, covers techinical support, which I have basically not really
used too much.  The only real time that I have used it was when I found a
template on their website for a flitch plate design, but it was for the UK
version, so it did not run on my US version.  Their tech support guy sent
me a PDF output from it so that I could see how it was done (was try to
figure out flitch plate design).  Otherwise, I have only had to deal with
them when I wanted "move" my installatio from one computer to another
(they use a product activation type system).

While I have not used TEDDs extensively, I have used it some.  It worked
rather well when I did use it.  I used it for creating homework solutions
for a prestressed concrete course that I taught for a semester.  I just
have not "forced" myself to get in the habit of using it more often (but
then I am not doing too many design calculations in my current position).


Blissfield, MI

On Fri, 9 Jul 2004, Jason W. Kilgore wrote:

> Dennis:
> I haven't spotted anything about a "maintenance fee" on their web site, but
> if so this would be a disadvantage.  I don't like maintenance fees, because
> I don't tend to use technical support except for when I first use a product.
> I expect the product to be stable enough to not need tech support (yeah, I
> know, I expect too much).

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