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And contractors always say "I have been doing it this way for XX number of
years without a house falling down" when confronted with what they
consider to be an "overengineered" solution but we consider prudent
engineering...but that does not mean that a house that they construct
with their "tried and true methods" won't collapse tomorrow.

Likewise, I doubt that Bush or Ashcroft or any of the other Righties or
Republicans will state with any certainty that another attack on domestic
soil won't happen in the near future.  I have not heard Bush, et al make
ANY claims that they have eliminated the threat of an attack on domestic
soil.  Have they taken steps that help minimize the bet.  But
could something still happen bet (and the Bush admistration
knows this and tries to prepare the public for this possibility, if no
eventuality, with warnings and threat level increases on occasion).  Did
some provisions pushed through after 9/11 go too far...this depends on
one's perspective (i.e. do you value security more than
liberties/protections or liberties/protections more than security).

And while I don't recall the exact left of the gap, but I seem to recall
that the previous WTC attack was in 1995 and I don't remember other
attacks on domestic soil between then an 9/11.  So, to me, your "No
domestic terror attacks since 9/11" doesn't quite compute...after all it
has only been about 3 years.  So, if you want to play the "spin" game,
then Clinton had about 6 years of no attacks (assuming I am remembering
correctly) while "doing nothing" (according to you, which I basically will
agree with by and large), but Bush has only gone 3 years.  So, to me, the
"jury" is still out.

Well, enough politics for me on an engineering list...only commented cause
it was interesting that an engineer would make such a comment when "we"
consistently scoff at contractors that use that same, generally invalid
types of arguements to support why their poor construction techinics are

So, by all means, label me as a Lefty, apply appropriate Righty spin (i.e.
I don't know jack squat or care about defense or security), and then dismiss
my comments out of hand.


Blissfield, MI

On Fri, 9 Jul 2004, Bill Polhemus wrote:

> Newsflash, Lefties: No domestic terror attacks since 9/11.

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