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RE: "North to Alaska?"

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I would tend to go. Alaska is a beautiful area of the world. I have had a project up there for the past several years. I have been up there in the winter and in the summer. I prefer going there in the summer. But the winter was not too bad. Anchorage is nice as are the parks and the Kenai Penninsula.
Harold Sprague

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Subject: "North to Alaska?"
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 19:08:29 -0500

Well, I have been offered a contract position, 6 mos. To 1 year in

I have to say that at the dollars they're talking (salary plus per diem)
it's awfully tempting. I would just grab a bag, my wife and daughter and go
within a week or so, and leave "others" to mind things here till I get back.

PROS: Money, and a pretty good bit of it. The COL there is high, but the
money they're talking could more than cover that. I could hopefully refill
my woefully-depleted bank account and allow me to come back and get back to
business without the wolf at the door as is the case currently.

CONS: Well, we'd live the grandkids behind, and my wife will be quite
despondent about that the whole time we're gone. Also, if I'm THERE, I
obviously won't be doing anything HERE to drum up my own business.

The CONS are obviously outweighed by extreme poverty right now, but I'm
still not 100% decided.

Anyone else live/work up there? Anyone been there? Comments?

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