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welding weird stainless steel

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...specifically, welding A193 Class 1 Grade B8M
"carbide solution treated" (CST) stainless steel
threaded rod.  It has Type 316 chemistry but also has
this CST treatment.

ASTM A193 suggests that the CST is to prevent chromium
carbide precipitation (CCP)?  What's the problem with
CCP in SS?

Anything bad happen when this material is welded per
AWS D1.6 (the stainless welding standard)?  Does the
chromium carbide precipitate during cooling?  Does it
lose some corrosion resistance?


d a v e   e v a n s

PS: bottom line is I need some stainless steel
threaded rod that won't crack or lose its corrosion
resistance when welded.  For marine service.  A193 Cl
1 Gr B8M is readily available, but....

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