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Re: welding weird stainless steel

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>What's the problem with CCP in SS?
The chromium gets tied up with carbon and the material is susceptible to 
intergranular corrosion. The way to stop this from happening is to quench 
the material down through the sensitization range.

>Anything bad happen when this material is welded per
>AWS D1.6 (the stainless welding standard)? 
Yes, . It loses corrosion resistance to a greater or lesser degree

> Does the chromium carbide precipitate during cooling?  Does it
>lose some corrosion resistance?
Yes. it depends on how fast the weld cools. 

I am very much inclined not to weld bolts. They're really not meant to be 
welded--they're meant to be bolted. You can probably do just fine with 
304 or 316 round bar since it'll have just about the same strength and 
corrosion resistance as the bolt, and you won't need to worry about 
screwing up the carbide solution heat treatment. 

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