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RE: welding weird stainless steel

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In the case of (some) austenitic stainless steels, chromium carbides may
precipitate at grain boundaries when cooling, e.g., from welding
temperatures. This leads to chromium-starved areas adjacent to the
chromium-rich carbides (i.e., at and around the grain boundaries) - the
phenomenon called "Sensitization". These depleted areas are highly subject
to corrosion attack, especially in acid service. The chromium carbides that
are formed tie-up the chromium preventing it from forming a passive chromium
oxide layer on the material.  The chromium oxide layer, though only a few
atoms thick, prevent corrosion from occurring.

To restore the corrosion protection the material must be SOLUTION ANNEALED
(same as CARBIDE SOLUTION ANNEALED).  Summarizing the process; heating a
finished fitting to over 1,850 degrees F. and cooling it quickly, usually in
water, so carbon content goes back into the stainless solution.


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