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diaphragm discussions

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I have studied the SDI deck book, and asked around to other engineers, and got a myriad of responses on flexible vs rigid diaphragms. Now I am reading this discussion and getting more confused.
I have never had the need to use a wood diaphragm as a rigid diaphragm in rotation, and do not think I will need to do so, and I would avoid it anyway.
BUT, metal deck is separate issue. Let's take the easiest example I can think of, an open ended retail box store. Steel joists and metal deck roof, CMU walls, plenty of solid shear walls on all three sides with an open front.
A) Can you treat the roof deck with NO concrete fill, no bracing, plain deck, as a rigid diaphragm?
B) If it is possible, do I have to first calculate the drift at the top of the CMU walls and compare that with the deck diaphragm deflection?
C) So if the deck is deflecting greater then the CMU walls, which is what I see happening in a long, rectangular shaped structure, then the deck will "rip apart" prior to being able to translate shear in rotation?
I am asking you guys because the people here in the office already have their minds made up and I want to hear your views on this subject. This is in pure wind country dirty south, no seismic factors or code restrictions...
Andrew Kester, PE
Longwood, FL