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RE: Calculation Software

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Does anyone know if there is a way to link a Mathcad sheet (the results, actually) back to an Excel spreadsheet to end up with a two-way document? You would enter the data into an excel spreadsheet, Mathcad would do the number crunching (and provide equation readability/transparency), and Excel would grab the results. This would relegate Mathcad to a "subroutine" like function, but one which is readable, and printable for reference (here's twenty beams with data and answers, and here's the equations used to solve them). I'll admit I'm not up on linking multiple files, but if I could do this, I'd find the time to learn it.

At 09:33 AM 7/13/2004 -0400, you wrote:
The biggest problem with Excel is that the formulas used in the cells are
not visible, whereas with Mathcad "what you see is what you get". When I do
an Excel spreadsheet, I type in a representation of the formula being used
in an adjacent cell - I consider this essential, so that anyone viewing the
printed spreadsheet can understand exactly what it is doing. However, there
is no guarantee that the actual cell formula exactly matches the formula I
typed in.

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