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RE: Calculation Software

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>The biggest problem with Excel is that the formulas used in the cells are
>not visible, whereas with Mathcad "what you see is what you get".
Without meaning to push Excel too hard, you can clear up a lot of the 
confusion by using named variables in Excel rather than row and column 
references. =P*D/(2*S*E-1.2*P) really does make a lot more sense than 
=B3*B11/(2*B9*B10-1.2*B3), and you can strip the equals sign and display 
the formula in an adjacent cell if you need to.

By way of a disclaimer, I raced out and bought MathSoft's wretched port 
to the Mac some years ago, believing in my heart that it really couldn't 
be all that bad. It was worse, and when their snotty rep told me I should 
be running on a PC, I resolved to have nothing more to do with Mathsoft. 
Most Mac users agreed, and I really hope they lost their shirt on the 
product. Mathematica is better anyway. So is my HP-69 calculator, even 
though it's dead.

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